Doc Ivory has been custom carving ivory since 1972 and specializes in ivory repair and restoration work to the trade, using genuine ivory materials. Missing or broken parts are hand carved in ivory and securely attached to the object. Whenever possible, repairs are made with ivory matching the original in color and density and finish. I also work in wood, and antler, and I do restoration on scrimshaw. I have extensive experience in restoration and repairs:

Once an item arrives, I will evaluate the problems and contact the customer. At that point, I can usually offer an accurate estimate for repair. Many times, the customer does not realize the piece has other damage or missing parts. Having worked on innumerable ivories, I scrutinize each piece carefully. Ivories are cleaned of dirt and dust unless the customer specifies otherwise. Old glue or other materials that do not belong on the ivory are also removed. If a customer opts to not have the item repaired, it will be carefully repacked and returned. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

I am constantly buying damaged ivories for repair material or to repair and resell. I also buy and sell ivory tusks, teeth and other materials.

Typical repairs are completed in 2 weeks or less. 90% of my customers are dealers and cannot afford to have repairs drag on for months. If repairs need more time I will contact you.

How do you get the item to me ?
Carefully packed in tissue and bubble wrap and double boxed is the safest method. The piece needs to be well padded from shock and impact. Bigger boxes are better than smaller tight fitting boxes. UPS or Postal Service Priority mail are the most common methods used by clients. Insure as appropriate and advise me of insurance requested for return. Another option for the customer shipping very valuable or delicate items is to use a shipping service.

Is the repair work guaranteed ?
I guarantee to do the best possible repair I can do at reasonable cost and in a timely fashion. I will also pack the item in a very secure method. My business is based on customer satisfaction, “word of mouth” referrals and providing a consistently good product.

Although Ivory is less used today than in the past, it is still a valuable material utilized for art and manufacturing purposes. Quality ivory repair work must be accomplished with skill based on experience and proven methods.

Repair work on genuine ivory pieces is best performed by an accomplished and experienced professional. The cost of replacing ivory instead of performing ivory repair work may motivate the owner of an ivory piece to have it repaired. Ivory prices are generally high, so repair of split ivory pieces can be an affordable solution to the owner. Our master craftspeople  have the experience and effective techniques to properly repair ivory and restore it to its former undamaged condition.

Regardless of the age of your ivory or the type of damage it has incurred, our studio is equipped with the knowledge and expert skill to bring your ivory back to perfection once again. Allow us to take a look at your ivory piece and we will give you an honest assessment of its condition and the prospects for successful ivory repair.

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